Are you looking for the perfect paper fold to create the finished look you’re dreaming of? Look no further. We can help you get started on choosing the best fold for your project.

To consider different fold options, you must start at the end. What are you hoping to achieve with your promotional piece? Will it be a direct mail piece or slide inside some kind of holder? Who is the target audience? What content will be used to fill the pages of your piece? Once you have all of these questions answered, you will move to the design and can look at different sizes and fold options.

There are many different types of fold, but not all are appropriate for every type of project. Take a look at the list below to find the fold that best suites your needs.


Marquardt Printing Half Page Fold Sample

Tri-Fold (3-Panel Roll Fold)

Marquardt Printing Tri-Fold (3-Panel Roll Fold) Sample

Z-Fold (3-Panel Accordion Fold)

Marquardt Printing Z-Fold (3-Panel Accordion Fold) Sample

4-Panel Accordion Fold

Marquardt Printing 4-Panel Accordion Fold Sample

3-Panel Gate Fold

Marquardt Printing 3-Panel Gate Fold Sample

Double Gate Fold

Marquardt Printing Double Gate Fold Sample

Roll Fold

Marquardt Printing Roll Fold Sample

Double Parallel Fold

Marquardt Printing Double Parallel Fold Sample

Vertical Half Fold

Marquardt Printing Vertical Half Fold Sample

French Fold (Quarter Fold)

Marquardt Printing French Fold (Quarter Fold) Sample

Map Fold

Marquardt Printing Map Fold (Quarter Fold) Sample